A club is selling hats and jackets as a fundraiser. Their budget is $1500 and they want to order at least 250 items. They must buy at least as many hats as they buy jackets. Each hat cost five dollars in each jacket cost eight dollars. Write a system of inequalities to represent the situation

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:let x = # of hatslet y = # of jacketsParameters:x + y >_ 250 (at least (greater than or equal to) 250 items in total)Rearranged (by subtracting x from each side. It's implied that m = -1):y >_ - x + 250x >_ y (at least (greater than or equal to) as many hats as jackets)Rearranged (just reverse the order it's written in now. It's implied that m = 1, b = 0):y >_ x5x + 8y <_1500 (5$ per hat, plus 8$ per jacket, for a total of 1500$ or less (lesser than or equal to))Rearranged (by subtracting 5x from each side, then dividing the whole thing by 8)y <_ - (5/8)x + (375/2)