HEEEEEEEEELLP! (will mark brainliest!)Vance is designing a garden in the shape of an isosceles triangle. The base of the garden is 36 feet long. The function y=18tan0 models the height of the triangular garden.

Accepted Solution

Height of the triangle: y
y=18 tan theta

a.  theta=45°→y=18 tan 45°=18 (1)→y=18
The height of the triangle is 18 feet when theta=45°

b.  theta=55°→y=18 tan 55°=18 (1.428148007)→y=25.70666412
The height of the triangle is 25.70666412 feet when theta=55°

c. Area of the triangle: A
Base of the triangle: b=36 feet
Height of the triangle: h=y

Theta=45°→y=18 feet→A=(1/2)(36 feet)(18 feet)
A=(1/2)(648 feet^2)→A=324 feet^2

Theta=55°→y=25.70666412 feet→A=(1/2)(36 feet)(25.70666412 feet)
A=(1/2)(925.4399083 feet^2)→A=462.7199541 feet^2

With the angle of 55° the area of the garden is greater